What Do Vegan Zombies Eat? Fun and Fanciful


Welcome, dear readers! Today, we’re venturing into a playful and fascinating subject – vegan zombies. While it might sound peculiar, it’s a fun concept to explore. Now, you might be wondering, What Do Vegan Zombies Eat? This intriguing question serves as the basis for our lively discussion today.

In essence, a vegan zombie, much like a human vegan, would seek plant-based sustenance. They might be the undead, but we imagine they would hold strong ethical and environmental values. Let’s embrace this playful idea, shall we? After all, it’s not just about undead ghouls; it’s also a fantastic way to understand the versatility of the vegan diet.

So, come along on this whimsical journey, as we delve into the world of vegan zombies and their meal preferences. As we explore this unusual topic, we’ll also shed light on how rich and varied a vegan diet can be. Let’s turn the page and step into this entertaining and enlightening exploration.

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what do vegan zombies eat

Understanding Vegan Zombies

To fully grasp the concept of a vegan zombie, we first need to understand the principles of veganism. Simply put, vegans avoid consuming animal products for various reasons like ethics, health, or the environment. So, what happens when we apply these principles to a mythical creature known for consuming human flesh?

Vegan zombies, just like real-life vegans, would refuse to consume animal products, including humans. Instead, they’d strive to maintain a plant-based diet. This charming concept often brings laughter to those familiar with zombie lore.

Next, it’s important to note that vegan zombies would not just be mindlessly consuming any plant-based food. They’d aim for a balanced diet, just like any well-informed vegan would. They’d get their proteins from legumes and seeds, their carbs from grains and vegetables, and their fats from nuts and avocados.

Lastly, the concept of a vegan zombie highlights the inclusivity of veganism. It’s a light-hearted way of saying, “Even a creature known for its insatiable appetite for flesh can adopt a plant-based diet. So, why can’t you?” Thus, understanding vegan zombies can be a fun, albeit unconventional, entry point into veganism.

what do vegan zombies eat

The Vegan Zombie Diet

Now, let’s talk about the diet of a vegan zombie. Unlike their meat-eating counterparts, vegan zombies don’t crave brains. Instead, they long for “grains”! It’s a funny way of saying that they prefer plant-based foods.

First off, their diet would include an abundance of fruits and vegetables. They would love leafy greens, juicy fruits, colorful vegetables, and root crops. Imagine a zombie munching on a carrot stick rather than an arm!

Next, legumes and grains would make up a large part of their diet. They would opt for foods like beans, lentils, rice, and whole wheat bread. Moreover, seeds and nuts would be their favorite snacks, providing them with the necessary fats and proteins.

Additionally, vegan zombies would likely indulge in fermented foods for probiotics. Think sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha, which are excellent for gut health. Not something you’d imagine a zombie caring about, right?

In summary, the vegan zombie diet is a fun and playful way of showcasing the diverse range of foods within a plant-based diet. It demonstrates that a vegan diet can be versatile, fulfilling, and far from monotonous.

what do vegan zombies eat

Why Consider Vegan Zombies?

Discussing vegan zombies isn’t only a fun exercise in creativity. It also allows us to reflect on the diversity and flexibility of the vegan diet. Today, there’s a vegan alternative for almost every non-vegan food, from meat to dairy and yes, even to “brains”!

How to “Feed” a Vegan Zombie: Recipe Ideas

Thinking of hosting a spooky vegan-themed party or just enjoy the fun idea of feeding a vegan zombie? Here’s how to do it right. First off, vegan zombies love ‘brains’, but not the kind you might think. Instead, consider making a delicious, brain-shaped hummus or guacamole dip.

Secondly, don’t forget about ‘guts’. Spaghetti made from whole wheat, zucchini, or squash can make a ghoulishly good stand-in. Toss it in a tangy tomato sauce, and you’ve got a dish that’s sure to please.

Thirdly, ‘blood’ is essential for any zombie. Thankfully, beet juice or a delicious tomato soup can substitute quite well. You might even consider a smoothie made from red fruits like strawberries and raspberries.

Finally, ‘bones’ can be easily made from breadsticks or pretzels. You could also consider making cookies or other baked goods in bone shapes.

Just remember, the goal is to make food that’s delicious and fun, not to perfectly replicate a traditional zombie diet. After all, the idea of a vegan zombie is about promoting inclusivity and compassion, even in our spookiest celebrations.

what do vegan zombies eat


In answering the question, “What do vegan zombies eat?” we’ve embarked on a humorous journey, but also touched on the adaptability of the vegan diet. Regardless of whether we’re feeding fictional vegan zombies or real-life humans, it’s clear that veganism can be as fun, creative, and varied as we make it. So, whether you’re already vegan or considering the lifestyle, remember this: the world of vegan cuisine is full of possibilities waiting to be explored. Enjoy your vegan journey, and keep trying new and exciting plant-based foods. Who knows, you might find your new favorite dish in the process!


  1. What do vegan zombies eat?
    Vegan zombies, being fictional creatures, would theoretically prefer plant-based foods that resemble the texture and consistency of brains, such as ripe jackfruit or cauliflower.
  2. Why consider the concept of vegan zombies?
    Although whimsical, discussing vegan zombies can help highlight the diversity and flexibility of the vegan diet.
  3. What are some vegan zombie-themed recipes?
    Consider dishes like jackfruit pulled “pork,” cauliflower “brains,” and beetroot “blood” juice for your next Halloween party or gathering.

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