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As an advocate for the vegan lifestyle, I understand that the journey is highly personal and influenced by numerous aspects of one’s life. One such aspect could be your career, especially if it happens to be as demanding and regimented as the military. So, a question arises: Can you be vegan in the military? How does this lifestyle fit into a sector where flexibility might not be the norm, and individual preferences often take a backseat to collective needs?

In this article, we will delve into these questions, drawing upon experiences of vegan military personnel and the potential changes afoot in military catering to accommodate diverse dietary preferences. Whether you are a vegan considering a military career or a service member contemplating the switch to veganism, this piece will offer some clarity and guidance. We will delve into the specific challenges, some possible solutions, and ways to remain true to your vegan ethos within the framework of military life. Here, we build a bridge between the discipline of the military and the compassion of veganism. Join me as we explore the reality and potential of being a vegan in the military.

vegan in the military

Can You Be Vegan in the Military?

The simple answer is: Yes, you can be vegan in the military. It’s absolutely possible to maintain your commitment to a vegan lifestyle while serving your country. Many vegan military members have successfully navigated this path. But let’s not sugarcoat it – it’s not always easy. In an environment where meal options are often predetermined and structured around the average nutritional needs of personnel, finding vegan options can sometimes be challenging.

However, just like any other challenging circumstance, a bit of determination, creativity, and preparation can turn this around. The first step is understanding the nature of the challenge. Military meals, also known as MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat), are traditionally not vegan-friendly, designed with a focus on high-calorie content to fuel energy-intensive activities.

But don’t be disheartened. The growing recognition of diverse dietary requirements has encouraged changes within military food services. In recent years, there have been increased efforts to incorporate more inclusive meal options, although progress may be slow. With planning, a supportive network, and the military’s growing acknowledgment of dietary diversity, maintaining your vegan lifestyle in the military can certainly be achievable.

vegan in the military

Understanding Military Meals

In the military, one must adapt to a variety of situations, including those related to meals. Often, you’ll come across what is known as MREs or Meals, Ready-to-Eat. These are self-contained, individual field rations designed to provide nutritionally balanced, high-energy sustenance to soldiers who don’t have access to a regular kitchen.

Traditionally, MREs have been heavily based on animal proteins, offering options like beef stew, chicken chunks, or tuna casserole. However, in recent years, as understanding and acceptance of diverse dietary needs grow, there have been notable changes in the composition of these meals.

Today, you will find vegetarian MREs which include meals like pasta with marinara sauce and veggie crumbles, or spicy penne pasta. Although these options may not strictly adhere to vegan guidelines, they represent significant progress.

It’s also important to note that fresh meals served in dining facilities (DFACs) often include plant-based options like salads, vegetables, and fruits. With a bit of resourcefulness, vegans can create a balanced meal. Navigating a vegan lifestyle in the military is about understanding the context, being creative, and maintaining your commitment amidst the challenges.

vegan in the army

Vegan in the Army: A Personal Endeavor

Living a vegan lifestyle in the army might be challenging, but it’s not impossible. It largely depends on personal initiative, adaptability, and resilience. While the military may not cater specifically to a vegan diet, resourcefulness and creativity can help overcome this hurdle.

In a military setting, eating vegan often means making the most of the plant-based options available in the chow hall, such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes. It might involve choosing a vegetarian MRE and tweaking it to meet vegan standards, such as removing the cheese from a pasta dish.

Despite the challenges, being a vegan in the army can bring about unique advantages. The discipline and resilience required to maintain a vegan diet in such conditions might translate into other areas of service, fostering mental strength and tenacity. It can also inspire fellow service members to explore the benefits of plant-based eating.

Remember, being vegan isn’t just about diet; it’s a lifestyle committed to minimizing harm to animals and the environment. This commitment can be incredibly empowering, fostering a sense of purpose that carries you through the challenging conditions of military life.

vegan in the army

Vegan Soldiers: Advocacy and Change

Being a vegan in the military isn’t only about personal commitment; it can also be an opportunity to advocate for change and widen the understanding of veganism within this traditional institution. The presence of vegans in the ranks can challenge preconceptions, demonstrate the feasibility of a plant-based diet in rigorous physical conditions, and raise awareness about animal rights and environmental issues.

Vegan soldiers have an essential role in initiating dialogue about food options in the military. By requesting more vegan-friendly meals, they can gradually effect change from within. Many military catering services are already adapting to meet the diverse dietary needs of their personnel, acknowledging not just veganism, but also other dietary preferences and requirements, such as gluten-free and halal meals.

Moreover, vegan soldiers might join or initiate advocacy groups within the military, fostering a sense of community, providing mutual support, and collectively pushing for more extensive institutional changes. Their actions can also inspire others, both in the military and in civilian life, to consider the benefits and feasibility of a vegan lifestyle. Being a vegan soldier, thus, combines personal resolve with the drive to make the military a more inclusive and forward-thinking institution.

The Role of Resilience and Adaptability

Maintaining a vegan lifestyle in the military can indeed be challenging, but it is also a testament to the power of resilience and adaptability. As with any situation where options may be limited, creativity and resourcefulness become vital tools. These qualities, incidentally, are highly regarded in the military, demonstrating that vegan soldiers are not just committed to their dietary choices but also embody values beneficial to their service.

Vegan soldiers often develop strategies to ensure their nutritional needs are met. These can range from packing their plant-based snacks to improvising with available ingredients to create vegan-friendly meals. This level of commitment not only helps sustain their vegan lifestyle but also enhances their problem-solving skills, a valuable asset in any military operation.

Being vegan in the military also calls for a strong sense of self-advocacy, the ability to communicate one’s needs confidently and effectively. This, too, is a valuable skill that can serve individuals well in both military and civilian life. The process of navigating the challenges of a vegan lifestyle in the military, therefore, can also be an avenue for personal growth and skill development.


In conclusion, being vegan in the military is challenging but possible. It requires careful planning, self-advocacy, and the willingness to sometimes go the extra mile to adhere to your dietary choices. But remember, the military, like any institution, can change. Each vegan soldier’s journey contributes to a broader awareness of plant-based diets and their benefits, paving the way for future soldiers who choose to live a vegan lifestyle. Be encouraged, your commitment to veganism is not only a personal choice but a statement that can influence the military food system for the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any vegans in the military?

Yes, there are indeed individuals who maintain a vegan lifestyle while serving in the military. Despite the challenges, these soldiers find ways to adhere to their dietary choices, exemplifying resilience and adaptability.

2. What is the vegan diet in the military?

There isn’t a specific vegan diet provided by the military. Vegan soldiers often need to be creative and resourceful with available food options, sometimes bringing their own plant-based snacks or meals. They might also work with dining facilities to create meals that align with their dietary needs.

3. Can you be vegan in boot camp?

Yes, it’s possible to be a vegan in boot camp, though it can be challenging due to limited meal options. Individuals might need to bring their own vegan-friendly food or communicate their dietary preferences to the staff to ensure their needs are met.

4. Do prisons honor vegan diets?

The recognition of vegan diets in prisons varies by country and even by individual prisons within those countries. In some places, prisons are legally required to provide for different dietary needs, including veganism. However, the quality and variety of vegan options can vary widely.

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