Top 18 Vegan Fast Food Options

Introduction: What do Vegans Eat for Fast Food?

So, what do vegans eat for fast food? This is a question that leaves many puzzled. Let’s debunk this mystery together. A vegan diet does not equate to missing out on tasty treats. On the contrary, fast food chains have evolved to meet the rising demand for plant-based food. So, even on a vegan diet, you can enjoy a quick bite at your favorite fast food joint. Intrigued? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll explore various vegan fast food options. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or someone trying to cut back on animal products, there’s a dish out there that’s perfect for you.

In reality, vegan fast food options abound, and they’re just as delicious as their traditional counterparts. From crispy, vegetable-filled tacos to hearty, plant-based burgers, the options are diverse and mouth-watering. These meals offer a delightful blend of taste, convenience, and adherence to a compassionate lifestyle.

So, next time you’re craving fast food, don’t fret. There’s a world of vegan fast food waiting to be explored, and it’s both delicious and animal-friendly. Be ready to explore this amazing and flavorful world of vegan fast food. Your taste buds will thank you, and so will the planet!

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vegan fast food options

Vegan Fast Food: A Growing Trend

Are you ready for a culinary journey? Then let’s delve into the fascinating and ever-growing world of vegan fast food!

More than just a fad, vegan fast food is on the rise. An increasing number of fast food chains are catering to the plant-based trend. The tantalizing array of vegan options now stretches far beyond simple salads or fruit bowls. Yes, you read that right! We’re talking about vegan burgers, pizzas, and even ice creams.

Do these sound appealing? Keep reading because we’re just getting started.

Leading fast food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s are part of this transformative trend. They’ve introduced vegan versions of their iconic menu items, like the Whopper or the McPlant. But it’s not just for vegans! Meat-lovers often find themselves pleasantly surprised by these plant-based delights.

vegan fast food options

Wondering how accessible these options are? We’ve got good news.

Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, finding vegan fast food options has never been easier. The expanding reach of vegan fast food is a testament to our changing food culture. This reflects a growing awareness of our food choices’ impact on health and the environment.

But there’s more to this story.

Vegan fast food is not just about conscious eating. It’s about discovering new flavors, exploring diverse cuisines, and challenging culinary norms. It’s about expanding our palate while still enjoying the convenience of fast food.

In conclusion, vegan fast food is here to stay. It’s reshaping our food landscape and introducing us to new and exciting ways of enjoying fast food. So, the next time you’re at a fast food chain, why not give the vegan option a try? It might just be your new favorite dish!

Excited to learn more about the vegan fast food scene? Stick around as we unveil the best vegan options at your favorite fast food chains.

Fast Food Restaurants with Vegan Options

Are you eager to uncover a world of vegan delights hidden in plain sight? Our journey through 18 popular fast food restaurants with vegan options promises to tantalize your taste buds while respecting your vegan lifestyle.

First off, Burger King dazzles with the Impossible Whopper. This vegan delight packed with an array of fresh veggies proves that plant-based fast food can be as hearty as its meat-based counterparts.

Next, McDonald’s steps up to the plate with the McPlant. It’s a plant-based twist on their classic burger that leaves no room for missing the original.

Coffee giant Starbucks also joins the plant-powered revolution with a selection of vegan-friendly drinks and hearty meals, such as their protein bowl, the perfect breakfast on the move. But that’s not all.

Dunkin’, known for their donuts, has added the Beyond Sausage Sandwich to their menu, proving vegan breakfast options can be satisfying and convenient.

Panda Express, Taco Bell, and Mellow Mushroom ensure that Chinese cuisine, tacos, and pizza aren’t off-limits for vegans. With carefully selected ingredients and innovative recipes, these chains offer delightful vegan options.

vegan fast food options

Everyone Joins the Vegan Race

On the other hand, Chipotle’s Sofritas and QDOBA’s Impossible Fajita Bowl take Mexican food to a new level of vegan-friendly deliciousness.

Pizza Hut, Pret A Manger, and Papa John’s have taken note of the growing vegan trend, offering everything from vegan cheese pizzas to hearty wraps.

And if you thought fast-food chains like KFC and Carl’s Jr. were off-limits for vegans, think again. With their Beyond Fried Chicken and Beyond Famous Star Burger, they’ve made a place for vegans at the table.

Finally, don’t forget to quench your thirst with Jamba Juice’s plant-based smoothies or enjoy a hearty Black Bean Burger at Johnny Rockets.

In short, being vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing fast food. With an array of vegan options at popular chains, the vegan fast food landscape is rich, diverse, and absolutely delicious! Stay tuned as we take a closer look at some of these mouth-watering options.

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18 Restaurants with Vegan Fast Food Options

Let’s dive right in! Here are 18 mainstream fast food joints offering delicious vegan fast food options that will make your mouth water.

Burger King

Burger King takes the crown for vegan-friendly burgers. With the Impossible Whopper, even the heartiest appetite will be satisfied. Made with a plant-based patty and loaded with fresh vegetables, it’s a delicious and compassionate choice.


McDonald’s has stepped up its game with the McPlant, a vegan burger that’s rich in flavor and free from animal products. It’s a big step forward for the global fast-food giant, offering a new way to enjoy a classic.


Coffee lovers rejoice! Starbucks offers numerous vegan options, from plant-based drinks to satisfying meals. Try the vegan protein bowl for a hearty, delicious breakfast on the go.


Dunkin’ isn’t just about donuts anymore. They offer the Beyond Sausage Sandwich on an English muffin for a satisfying vegan breakfast.

Panda Express

Craving Chinese? Panda Express serves a vegetable-packed Chow Mein and an array of other plant-based dishes. A delightful feast awaits vegans here.

 fast food

Taco Bell

Taco Bell shines with its vegan options. Their Bean Burrito, ordered ‘Fresco Style’, turns a classic favorite into a vegan delight.

Mellow Mushroom

Pizza paradise Mellow Mushroom offers vegan cheese, transforming their renowned pizzas into vegan-friendly delights. Who said vegans can’t enjoy a good slice?


Chipotle, with its build-your-own concept, is a vegan haven. Opt for the sofritas, a spicy tofu that packs a punch, in your next burrito or bowl.


KFC now serves Beyond Fried Chicken. Get the taste of KFC’s classic seasoning in a 100% plant-based format. It’s finger-licking good, without the guilt!


At QDOBA, the Impossible Fajita Bowl is a crowd-pleaser. Full of flavor, it’s a meal that even meat-eaters will love.

Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee offers the Everything Plant-Based Sandwich. It’s a delightful breakfast choice for vegans on the move.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut joins the plant-based movement with their vegan cheese pizza. Now, vegans can indulge in a piping hot, cheesy slice.

Pret A Manger

Looking for a quick, vegan-friendly bite? Pret A Manger’s Vegan Mac & Cheese or Falafel & Hummus Wrap make for a filling meal.

Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. features the Beyond Famous Star Burger. It’s a juicy, plant-based patty that rivals its meaty counterpart.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s offers vegan cheese and sausage. Create your own pizza masterpiece without compromising your diet.

Jamba Juice

Thirsty? Jamba Juice offers a range of plant-based smoothies. They’re refreshing, delicious, and completely vegan.

Del Taco

Del Taco’s Epic Beyond Fresh Guacamole Burrito is a must-try. It’s a fresh, flavorful vegan option that’ll leave you craving for more.

Johnny Rockets

Last but not least, Johnny Rockets’ Black Bean Burger is a hearty vegan option. It’s proof that fast food can be flavorful, filling, and vegan-friendly.

Vegan Fast Food Options Comparison

Here’s a brief comparison of 18 fast food restaurants with vegan options. The parameters for comparison include the number of vegan options, availability, and specialty vegan items.

Fast Food ChainNumber of Vegan OptionsAvailabilitySpecialty Vegan Items
Burger King5NationwideImpossible Whopper
McDonald’s3Selected LocationsMcPlant Burger
Starbucks7NationwideVegan protein bowl
Dunkin’4NationwideBeyond Sausage Sandwich
Panda Express2Selected LocationsVeggie Spring Roll, Chow Mein
Taco Bell5NationwideBean Burrito ‘Fresco Style’
Mellow Mushroom3Selected LocationsVegan Cheese Pizza
Chipotle4NationwideSofritas Bowl
KFC1Selected LocationsBeyond Fried Chicken
QDOBA3NationwideImpossible Fajita Bowl
Peet’s Coffee4NationwideEverything Plant-Based Sandwich
Pizza Hut2Selected LocationsVegan Cheese Pizza, Vegan Wings
Pret A Manger6Selected LocationsVegan Mac & Cheese, Falafel & Hummus Wrap
Carl’s Jr.2NationwideBeyond Famous Star Burger
Papa John’s2Selected LocationsVegan Cheese Pizza, Vegan Sausage
Jamba Juice6NationwidePlant-based Smoothies
Del Taco3NationwideEpic Beyond Fresh Guacamole Burrito
Johnny Rockets2Selected LocationsBlack Bean Burger, Streamliner

Note: The “Number of Vegan Options” refers to the distinct number of vegan-friendly menu items at each fast food chain. The “Availability” refers to whether these vegan options are available nationwide or only at selected locations. “Specialty Vegan Items” are distinct vegan items that the chain is known for. Always check with the respective restaurants for the most current and accurate information.

A Closer Look: Popular Vegan Fast Food Options in Fast Food Chains

Time to roll up our sleeves and take a closer look at some popular vegan options available at our favorite fast food chains. After all, vegan or not, we all love a good fast food meal, don’t we?

First on our list is Taco Bell’s Bean Burrito ‘Fresco Style.’ Bursting with flavor and packed with fiber, this vegan delight will leave you craving more. From the soft tortilla to the seasoned beans and fresh salsa, every bite is a fiesta in your mouth.

Next up, we have Burger King’s Impossible Whopper. Now, who said vegans can’t enjoy a hearty burger? This plant-based patty, topped with fresh veggies, pickles, and ketchup, is just as satisfying as the original Whopper. And the best part? It’s completely animal-free.

Let’s turn our attention to Del Taco’s Epic Beyond Fresh Guacamole Burrito. This isn’t just another vegan fast food option. It’s a delectable treat loaded with plant-based protein from Beyond Meat, fresh guacamole, and perfectly seasoned beans. It’s the ultimate guilt-free indulgence.

Now, how about some Chinese? The Chow Mein at Panda Express is an irresistible medley of stir-fried wheat noodles, vibrant vegetables, and savory soy sauce. It’s proof that plant-based food can be just as hearty and delicious as any meat dish.

vegan pizza

More options at hand

Carl’s Jr., not one to be left behind, offers the Beyond Famous Star Burger. This plant-based patty, complete with tangy pickles, crisp lettuce, and ripe tomatoes, holds its own against any meat burger. It’s the perfect option for those looking for a hearty vegan burger.

Fancy a coffee break? Dunkin’s Iced Coffee with Oat Milk and a Mocha Swirl is the way to go. This vegan-friendly treat is perfect for cooling down on a hot day, or for a quick pick-me-up during a busy day.

Peet’s Coffee goes beyond just beverages with their Everything Plant-Based Sandwich. Packed with veggies, plant-based sausage, and served on freshly toasted bread, it’s a delicious and filling way to start your day.

Lastly, we have Chipotle’s Sofritas Bowl. This meal is a vegan dream come true with its spicy tofu sofritas, brown rice, black beans, and fresh veggies. It’s a bowl packed with flavor and plant-based goodness.

In conclusion, vegan options in fast food are not just about removing meat and dairy from the menu. They’re about creating delicious, satisfying meals that everyone, regardless of their diet, can enjoy. So next time you’re out for a quick bite, why not give these vegan options a try? You may just discover a new favorite!

Top 5 Vegan Fast Food Options – Our Verdict

Based on a subjective evaluation of taste and popularity, here are the top 5 vegan options:

Fast Food ChainVegan Option
Burger KingImpossible Whopper
Taco BellBean Burrito ‘Fresco Style’
Del TacoEpic Beyond Fresh Guacamole Burrito
StarbucksVegan Protein Bowl
ChipotleSofritas Bowl

Remember, everyone’s taste is different, so feel free to try out all the options and discover your personal favorites!

Up and Coming: Brand-new Vegan Fast Food Options Chains

It’s exciting times ahead for vegans and vegan-curious foodies alike. With veganism on the rise, a new wave of all-vegan fast food chains is cropping up and taking the culinary world by storm. Ready for a glimpse into the future of fast food? Let’s go!

First up is Native Foods. Born in sunny California, this chain prides itself on its 100% plant-based menu. From mouth-watering vegan burgers to creamy dairy-free shakes, Native Foods proves vegan food can be fun, fast, and fantastic.

Next, we have Plant Power Fast Food. With a mission to revolutionize the fast-food industry, this joint offers vegan versions of classic favorites. Imagine munching on a juicy ‘Big Zac’ burger or a ‘Fish Filet’ sandwich, all entirely plant-based!

Thirdly, there’s Next Level Burger. Living up to its name, this spot is taking plant-based burgers to new heights. Offering a range of burgers, fries, and shakes, Next Level Burger makes it easy to enjoy fast food while keeping it vegan.

Slutty Vegan is another fast-food sensation, taking Atlanta by storm. Offering vegan ‘slutty’ burgers filled with plant-based goodness, this joint is turning heads and changing minds about what vegan food can be.

Finally, meet HipCityVeg, a fast-casual chain committed to sustainability and delicious plant-based food. From crispy chick’n sandwiches to sweet potato fries, HipCityVeg has you covered.

In short, the world of vegan fast food is vibrant and growing. With these up-and-coming chains leading the charge, the future of fast food is looking brighter, healthier, and definitely more vegan. Whether you’re a lifelong vegan or just exploring new food horizons, there’s never been a better time to dive into the delicious world of vegan fast food. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and try something new today!

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more vegan options

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on the Best Vegan Fast Food Options

In the past, finding vegan options at fast-food chains could feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But times are changing, and the rise of veganism is transforming the face of fast food. This shift has brought a wave of delicious, satisfying, and yes, fast, vegan food options right at our fingertips.

From mainstream fast food giants like Burger King and McDonald’s offering vegan versions of their classic favorites, to the emergence of all-vegan fast food chains like Native Foods and Slutty Vegan, plant-based fast food is no longer an oxymoron. It’s a reality.

These vegan fast food options are not just a nod to dietary preferences, but a recognition of a global shift towards more sustainable and ethical eating habits. And the best part? They’re downright delicious.

Whether it’s Taco Bell’s Bean Burrito ‘Fresco Style’, Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, or the innovative menus of all-vegan chains like Next Level Burger, vegan fast food options are here to satisfy our cravings without compromising on our values.

So, next time you’re out and about, don’t hesitate to try one of these vegan options. You might just find a new favorite. After all, being vegan in a fast-food world is no longer a challenge, but an exciting culinary adventure.

And don’t forget, sharing is caring! If you’ve found this guide helpful, why not share it with your friends and family? Whether they’re vegan, curious, or just love good food, they’re sure to appreciate it. So spread the word, and let’s all enjoy the delicious world of vegan fast food together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What fast food can a vegan eat?

Vegans can enjoy a variety of fast food options, from Taco Bell’s Bean Burrito ‘Fresco Style’, Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, to the innovative menus of all-vegan fast food chains like Native Foods.

Does KFC have vegan options?

Yes, KFC offers vegan options such as the Beyond Fried Chicken and vegan sides like corn on the cob and green beans.

What are McDonald’s vegan options?

McDonald’s offers the McPlant, a plant-based burger, along with vegan sides like apple slices and salads.

Are Burger King fries vegan?

Yes, Burger King’s fries are cooked in vegetable oil and are vegan.

Are McDonald fries vegan?

In the U.S., McDonald’s fries are not vegan due to the beef flavoring used.

Can vegans eat KFC fries?

As of my knowledge cut-off in 2021, KFC fries are not vegan as they’re cooked in the same oil as chicken products.

Are McDonald’s fries 100% vegan?

In the U.S., McDonald’s fries are not 100% vegan due to the beef flavoring. In some countries, they are considered vegan.

Are KFC biscuits vegan?

No, KFC biscuits are not vegan as they contain milk.

Is KFC gravy vegan?

No, KFC gravy is not vegan as it’s made with chicken fat and chicken broth.

Is chicken salt vegan KFC?

As of my knowledge cut-off in 2021, KFC’s chicken salt is not vegan.

Why are KFC fries not vegan?

KFC fries are not considered vegan because they are cooked in the same oil as chicken products.

Is KFC veggie burger vegan?

Yes, the KFC Veggie Burger is vegan as long as you request it without mayonnaise.

Is Maggi gravy vegetarian?

Some versions of Maggi gravy are vegetarian. Always check the packaging for confirmation.

Which KFC is halal?

Some KFC restaurants serve halal food, but this varies by location.

Are pancakes at McDonald’s vegan?

No, McDonald’s pancakes are not vegan as they contain milk and eggs.

Is KFC corn vegan?

Yes, the corn on the cob at KFC is vegan.

Panera vegan options?

Panera offers various vegan options, including salads, soups, and sandwiches.

Taco Bell vegan options?

Taco Bell offers various vegan options, including the Bean Burrito ‘Fresco Style.’

Fast food restaurants with plant-based options?

Many fast food restaurants offer plant-based options, including Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and many more.

McDonald’s vegan options?

McDonald’s offers the McPlant, a plant-based burger, along with vegan sides like apple slices and salads.

Best vegan fast food chains?

Some of the best vegan fast food chains include Native Foods, Plant Power Fast Food, and Next Level Burger.

Sonic vegan options?

Sonic offers several vegan options, including fries, tater tots, and various slushes and drinks.

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