The Magic of Double Zero Vegan

As a passionate advocate for the vegan lifestyle, I am constantly on the lookout for culinary experiences that push the boundaries of plant-based cuisine. Among the numerous gems I’ve discovered, Double Zero Vegan stands out as a veritable treasure trove. This innovative restaurant is reinventing the pizza wheel, demonstrating that vegan cuisine can not only match but surpass traditional fare in terms of flavor, creativity, and satisfaction.

Double Zero’s approach to vegan pizza is as much an art as it is a science. They take the traditional concept of pizza and elevate it, using a selection of high-quality, plant-based ingredients. The result is a menu filled with pizza varieties that are as diverse and exciting as they are delicious.

But the magic of Double Zero doesn’t stop at pizza. From the appetizers to the desserts, every dish is crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail. The result is a culinary experience that delights the senses while nourishing the body.

So, if you’re seeking a culinary adventure that showcases the best of vegan cuisine, Double Zero is a destination you shouldn’t miss. Let it be a testament to the infinite possibilities of the vegan lifestyle.

double zero vegan

The Double Zero Vegan Experience

Double Zero’s vegan experience is a celebration of plant-based gastronomy at its finest. As you step into the restaurant, you’re immediately enveloped by an ambiance that blends modern chic with a warm, inviting atmosphere. This sets the stage for a culinary journey that’s as much about the experience as it is about the food.

Every dish on Double Zero’s menu is a testament to the art of vegan cuisine. Their pizza, the star of the show, is a masterful blend of texture and flavor. The crust is a perfect balance of crispy and chewy, made from organic flour, and the toppings are a colorful medley of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Each pizza is topped with their signature vegan cheese, a delectable creation made from cashews and almonds that melts beautifully and boasts a creamy, satisfying taste.

But the Double Zero vegan experience goes beyond pizza. The menu is a cornucopia of plant-based delights, from innovative appetizers to decadent desserts, each crafted with the same passion and commitment to quality.

In essence, Double Zero offers an immersive vegan dining experience, one that will leave you with not just a satisfied palate, but a greater appreciation for the depth and diversity of vegan cuisine.

double zero vegan

Double Zero’s Innovative Approach to Vegan Pizza

Double Zero’s innovative approach to vegan pizza is a refreshing take on a beloved classic. They’ve reimagined pizza from the ground up, crafting each element with plant-based ingredients that don’t compromise on taste or texture.

At the heart of Double Zero’s pizzas is their signature vegan cheese. Created from a blend of cashews and almonds, this house-made marvel adds a creamy, satisfying element that rivals traditional mozzarella. The crust, too, is a testament to their commitment to quality. It’s a perfect balance of crispy and chewy, crafted from organic flour and baked to perfection.

Their toppings, meanwhile, are a vibrant array of fresh, locally sourced produce. From artichokes and mushrooms to fresh basil and arugula, each ingredient is carefully selected to create a harmony of flavors.

But what truly sets Double Zero apart is their creativity. They continuously experiment with flavors and textures, creating pizzas that are as exciting to eat as they are delicious. Whether it’s a pizza topped with truffle almond ricotta or one featuring smoked oyster mushrooms, Double Zero’s innovative approach ensures that every bite is an adventure in taste.

In essence, Double Zero is revolutionizing vegan pizza, proving that plant-based cuisine can be just as satisfying, if not more, than traditional fare.

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What Makes Double Zero Pizza Vegan?

Double Zero’s commitment to creating a 100% plant-based menu is the cornerstone of their vegan pizzas. Each component, from the crust to the cheese to the toppings, is carefully crafted without any animal products, resulting in a pizza that’s not just vegan, but incredibly delicious.

One of the key elements that makes Double Zero’s pizza vegan is their signature cheese. Instead of dairy-based mozzarella, they use a house-made vegan cheese crafted from cashews and almonds. This cheese melts beautifully on their pizzas, providing a creamy, satisfying texture and flavor that rivals traditional mozzarella.

The pizza crust, another crucial element, is made from organic flour. It’s perfectly crisp on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, offering a delightful contrast of textures.

Finally, the toppings. Double Zero’s pizzas feature a variety of fresh, locally sourced vegetables and herbs. You won’t find any meat or animal products here. Instead, you’ll discover a vibrant array of ingredients like fresh basil, arugula, artichokes, and mushrooms.

In essence, what makes Double Zero’s pizza vegan is their unwavering commitment to plant-based ingredients, creativity, and culinary craftsmanship. It’s vegan pizza reimagined, offering a delectable dining experience that caters to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Exploring the Double Zero Vegan Menu

Exploring Double Zero’s vegan menu is an adventure in plant-based gastronomy. While their pizzas are the main attraction, they’re far from the only draw. From the moment you peruse the menu, you’ll notice a variety of dishes that cater to a range of palates and preferences.

Appetizers at Double Zero are designed to tease the taste buds, setting the stage for the main course. Options like the Farro-Fennel Sausage and the Smoky Eggplant Florentine showcase how versatile and flavourful vegan ingredients can be.

Salads at Double Zero are a celebration of fresh, locally sourced produce. The Arugula & Endive salad, for instance, is a symphony of textures and flavors, featuring cashew mozzarella, toasted almonds, and a tangy balsamic reduction.

Of course, the stars of the menu are the pizzas. With options like the Truffle Cashew Cream and the Smoked Oyster Mushroom, there’s a pizza for every taste.

And let’s not forget about dessert. Double Zero offers a range of decadent treats, such as the Chocolate Tart and the Cannoli, all vegan and all delicious.

In essence, exploring the Double Zero vegan menu is a journey through the exciting landscape of plant-based cuisine. It’s an invitation to experience the depth, diversity, and deliciousness of vegan food.


Double Zero proves that a vegan lifestyle does not mean compromising on taste or variety. Their innovative approach to pizza and commitment to high-quality, plant-based ingredients creates an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re a long-time vegan or just curious about plant-based cuisine, I encourage you to explore the world of Double Zero. It’s a testament to the creativity, diversity, and sheer deliciousness of vegan food. So why wait? Step into the world of Double Zero and embark on a delightful vegan culinary journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Double Zero completely vegan?

Yes, Double Zero is entirely vegan. Each dish on their menu is crafted from 100% plant-based ingredients, making it a favorite destination for vegans and those interested in exploring delicious vegan cuisine.

Is Double Zero completely vegan?

As for its status as a chain, yes, Double Zero is indeed part of a chain of restaurants. It’s one of several establishments founded by plant-based chef and entrepreneur Matthew Kenney. With locations in several cities, including New York City and Los Angeles, Double Zero has made a name for itself as a leading destination for gourmet vegan pizza. Each location reflects the same commitment to quality, flavor, and plant-based innovation, inviting diners to explore the wonderful world of vegan cuisine.

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