Surti Vegetarian Restaurant – A Culinary Adventure

Hey plant-powered peeps! If you’re on the hunt for a vegetarian oasis in the bustling heart of Mumbai, then let me introduce you to the culinary haven that is Surti Vegetarian Restaurant. Located in Kalbadevi, this gem offers a smorgasbord of mouthwatering dishes that’ll tickle the fancy of any vegan or vegetarian foodie.

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The Surti Experience

Alright, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of why those numbers matter, folks! A 3.7 on Zomato and a 3.8 on Justdial may not seem like a standing ovation, but in the bustling food scene of Mumbai, these are pretty solid digits! I mean, you can’t ignore the fact that Surti Restaurant is the 28th most reviewed vegan restaurant in this food-lover’s paradise of a city!

But hold on a second, those numbers don’t just come from anywhere; they’re backed by some raving reviews. TripAdvisor is practically an anthem of love for Surti, with many foodies waxing poetic about the “reasonable pricing” and the “delightful Gujarati offerings.” Can we just take a moment to appreciate how “reasonable pricing” and “delightful” are in the same sentence? That’s like music to my ears, and probably to my wallet as well.

Now, let’s chat ambiance. I’m someone who believes that a good vibe can turn a meal into an experience. MouthShut reviews reassure us that the place is not just well-managed, but also has an “easy-going” ambiance. Picture this: You’re eating mouth-watering vegan food, surrounded by a serene environment, and nobody’s rushing you. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s like your little food oasis in the middle of the city!

So, are you feeling the magnetic pull of Surti Restaurant yet? Because I know I am!

Surti Vegetarian Restaurant

Flavors of India… and Beyond!

Oh my stars, are you ready for this? Because what I’m about to say is like the plot twist in a blockbuster movie! While Surti vegetarian restaurant has its soul grounded in North Indian and Gujarati culinary traditions, it takes your taste buds on a global tour, baby! 🌍

Yes, you heard that right! This place is not just about rich and hearty Gujarati thalis or North Indian curries. It’s a total globe-trotter, offering a fusion of Indo-Chinese, Punjabi, South Indian, and get this—Mexican cuisine! I mean, where else can you get a Punjabi Thali and a Tawa Pulao alongside something as zesty as Aam Ras Puri and as exotic as Undhio? Your plate here becomes a veritable melting pot, a real cultural celebration!

Imagine this: One moment you’re reveling in the zesty tang of a South Indian curry, and the next you’re biting into a spicy, Mexican-inspired dish. Oh, and don’t forget a side of Indo-Chinese fusion that plays a symphony on your palate! It’s like you’re Indiana Jones, but instead of searching for lost relics, you’re exploring a treasure trove of flavors.

So, you see, when you dine at Surti vegetarian restaurant, you’re not just filling your stomach; you’re enriching your soul with a cultural experience that transcends borders. Who needs a passport when you’ve got a menu this diverse, right?

Oh, honey, pull up a chair because we need to dish—literally! 🍽️ You know a restaurant has got its game on point when people can’t stop talking about its menu. And let me tell you, Surti vegetarian restaurant is serving up some real crowd-pleasers. I mean, a classic Punjabi thali with all the trimmings? Yes, please! 🤤 But wait, there’s more. If you’re vibing with Gujarati cuisine, their thali will make you feel like you’ve been personally invited to a Gujarati family feast.

Now, let’s talk about that Tawa pulao. It’s not just rice; it’s an emotion. Each grain dances with spices and veggies in a way that makes your taste buds do a little happy jig.

But hold on, because we’ve got to talk about Aam ras puri. This dish is like summer in your mouth; it’s mango, it’s sweet, it’s everything you need when you’re missing those warm sunny days.

And then, the pièce de résistance—Undhio. Oh. My. God. If you haven’t tried their undhio, you’re practically committing a foodie crime! It’s got this complex flavor profile that makes you go, “What IS this sorcery?” MouthShut reviewers can’t stop raving about it, and seriously, who are we to doubt the wisdom of the crowd?

So, if your tummy’s grumbling and your taste buds are begging for a culinary roller coaster, Surti vegetarian restaurant is where you gotta be. No cap.

Vegan-Friendly or Just Veggie?

It’s worth mentioning that Surti vegetarian restaurant Mumbai is primarily a vegetarian joint. However, they’re ranked among the top vegan restaurants in the city, so they must be doing something right in the vegan department too, huh? Just always double-check the ingredients to ensure they meet your plant-based needs.

Marco Vegan Review

Today, we’re heading over to the bustling streets of Mumbai to dig into the much-talked-about Surti Vegetarian Restaurant. So, put on your culinary adventure hat because we’re about to dive into a fusion of flavors that will rock your vegan world!

Surti Vegetarian Restaurant

🌟🌟🌟🌟(4/5 Stars)


Walking into Surti Vegetarian Restaurant, you immediately feel embraced by an ambiance that’s both well-managed and homey. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to settle in and peruse the menu at your own leisurely pace. For this cozy vibe alone, Surti gets a star!

Menu Diversity:

Here’s where Surti truly shines. The restaurant has a menagerie of offerings, from classic Gujarati and North Indian dishes to unexpected fusions like Indo-Chinese and even Mexican! A well-deserved star for this globe-trotting menu.

Food Quality:

I tried the Punjabi thali and let me tell you, it was a mouth-watering, soul-satisfying experience. And the Aam ras puri? A summer dream in a dish! Another star, no doubt!


While primarily a vegetarian joint, Surti also ranks impressively among the top vegan restaurants in Mumbai. Just remember to double-check ingredients to make sure they align with your vegan values. They lose a star here only because they could offer clearer vegan labeling on the menu.


Ah, the eternal question: is good vegan food affordable? At Surti, the answer is a resounding yes! The prices are more than reasonable, especially for the quality and portions you get. A star well earned!

All in all, if you’re in Mumbai and craving a culinary journey that spans continents but remains rooted in traditional Indian flavors, Surti Vegetarian Restaurant is your go-to. With its diverse menu and cozy atmosphere, it’s a must-visit for any veggie lover.

Until next time, keep those forks high and those spirits higher!

Surti Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: plot no 1, 3, Bhuleshwar Road, Marine Lines East, Fanas Wadi, Kalbadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004, India
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 10:45 PM
Phone: +91 98211 16774

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re a local or find yourself wandering the streets of Mumbai, Surti Vegetarian Restaurant should definitely be on your go-to list. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just dabbling in plant-based cuisine, Surti’s wide range of options and welcoming atmosphere is bound to make you a regular!

Until next time, keep munching and crunching on all things green and good!

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