Is Canelo Still Vegan? A Ringside Investigation!

Hello my beautiful plant-powered peeps! Today we’re diving into a topic that’s had vegan Twitter buzzing and Reddit threads popping: Is Canelo still vegan? Yep, you heard it right. We’re talking about the one and only Canelo Alvarez, the Mexican professional boxer who’s knocked out more opponents than I’ve knocked out vegan pizzas (which, for the record, is a lot).

Round One: Canelo Steps into the Vegan Ring

So, let’s wind the clocks back to April 2022. Canelo announced he was going vegan to prepare for his face-off with Dmitry Bivol. This was huge news in both the boxing and vegan communities. A world-class athlete going vegan? Talk about a one-two punch for plant-based living!

Is Canelo Still Vegan

Round Two: The Plant-Based Plot Thickens

But then, plot twist! Just a few months later, reports emerged that Canelo was no longer strictly vegan. Sources say that by September, he was back to munching on fish and chicken during weekend training sessions. The internet went into a frenzy: articles, Tweets, and, of course, some fierce Reddit debates.

What The Fans Are Saying

  • One Redditor mentioned that Canelo was never 100% vegan and would still eat meat when he wanted to.
  • Articles varied in their reports, leaving fans in a whirlwind of confusion about Canelo’s actual diet.

The Final Bell: Is Canelo Vegan or Not?

So where does this leave us in the great debate of is Canelo still vegan? I wish I had a knockout answer for you, but the truth is, it’s still a bit of a mystery. While Canelo did make that bold plant-based move in April 2022, it seems he might have stepped back from the vegan ring as of late.

To Recap

  • April 2022: Canelo embraces a vegan diet
  • August & September 2022: Reports say he’s back to eating animal products during training weekends

So, there you have it, my friends. While we can’t slap a vegan label on Canelo Alvarez just yet, his flirtation with plant-based living has definitely been a win for raising awareness about vegan diets in sports. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and our tempeh crispy, hoping more athletes give plant-based a shot!

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