Are Airhead Bites Vegan? Unwrapping the Truth!

Hey there, my lovely vegan fam! Today, let’s dig into a topic that has probably crossed your mind while pacing down the candy aisle: are Airhead Bites vegan? I know, I know—those colorful little nuggets look tempting, but can we indulge guilt-free? Stick with me to find out.

The Not-So-Sweet News

Alright, straight to the point: Airhead Bites are not vegan. Sad trombone, I know. These little bites of sugary heaven contain two ingredients that are no-nos for us plant-based peeps: beeswax and shellac. So, no, you won’t find any vegan Airhead Bites on the shelves.

are airhead bites vegan

What About Other Airheads Products?

You might be thinking, “Okay, the bites are off the table. But what about other Airheads treats?” Well, I’ve got more bad news. No, there are no other vegan Airheads products. From the original bars to the gummies, they all contain at least one (and often more) non-vegan ingredients like beeswax, shellac, carmine, and gelatin. Ugh.

Beeswax and Shellac: The Vegan No-Gos

Let’s talk a bit about why beeswax and shellac are problematic.

  • Beeswax: It’s a byproduct of honeybees. Using it exploits the hardworking bees and takes away their essential hive material.
  • Shellac: This one is a resin secreted by the female lac bug. It’s often used for its shiny finish, but again, it’s an animal-derived ingredient.

Alternatives to Get Your Sweet Fix

Don’t despair! There are plenty of delicious, vegan-friendly candies out there. Here are a few of my personal faves:

Final Thoughts

Alright, fam, there we have it. Airhead Bites and all other Airheads products are not vegan, and they don’t seem to be moving in that direction anytime soon. But don’t let that get you down. Our vegan candy options are growing every day! Keep pushing for change, and who knows? Maybe one day Airheads will catch up. Until then, happy snacking, and remember to always read those ingredient lists!

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